CBExchange 2022 Registration Opens Soon!

CBExchange 2022 | October 18-21, 2022

Omni Amelia Island Resort, Florida 



This year's CBExchange will be held at the Omni Barton Creek Resort & Spa. Book your accommodations today at the reduced rate by October 15. You can also join us virtually for real-time access to all general sessions, including keynote addresses, plus one featured breakout per time slot.


What is CBExchange?

CBExchange, an annual conference hosted by C-BEN, is the foremost conference on competency-based education, where leaders from hundreds of institutions gather to learn how to build and bring to scale high-quality programs.

Explore | Discover | Belong 

a wide range of competency-based models while sharpening your CBE know-how. 

new insights, strategies and best practices from experienced colleagues who are willing to provide real-time advice, answers, and ideas. 

to a dynamic and welcoming community that collectively seeks to expand competency-based learning so education is more flexible, responsible, and valuable. 

Explore the activities in store here

This year's conference will showcase 11 general sessions, featuring the field's leading experts, and more than 50 breakout sessions, with more available on-demand, all of which will be led by seasoned professionals. Discover much-needed products and services in our very first Bear-ier Hunt. We aim for this year's conference to inspire you and leave you feeling revitalized and energized about the work ahead. 


  • Your CBExchange adventure awaits as you explore the world of CBE through engaging general sessions and keynote addresses. After CBExchange 2021 has ended, campers will also receive access to pre-recorded sessions through May 2022. 
  • Explore the useful resources available to CBE professionals through a scavenger hunt and other exciting gamification throughout the conference. 

  • Hear what other CBE leaders are doing as you join fellow campers to share your expertise and swap ideas in over 80 engaging breakout sessions. 
  • Connect with exhibitors and sponsors that offer CBE implementation services and solutions. 
  • Get a taste of CBExchange 2021 with your very own CBExchange Experience Box mailed directly to all in-person campers before the conference. This must-have item will be packed full of CBE-related resources, sponsor swag, snacks, and fun props to get you ready for the event of the year! 

  • You belong here. Connect with peers that have been there, done that, as well as those that are learning the ropes.
  • Network by affinity groups, such as academic discipline and accreditor. 
  • Participate in a "Swap Meet" with leading experts and seasoned professionals to exchange ideas and best practices. 
  • Connect with your fellow campers through the conference app. 
  • Gather around the campfire and share scrumptious meals with your fellow campers.
  • Bond through fun camp activities, like s’mores around the campfire. 
  • All meals and snacks will be provided, with the exception of dinner on Wednesday, November 10. 

  • Virtual campers will have real-time access to all general sessions, including keynote addresses, plus one featured breakout per time slot.
  • After CBExchange 2021 has ended, virtual campers will also receive access to all pre-recorded sessions through May 2022.
  • Virtual attendees will be able to connect with exhibitors and sponsors via the virtual event platform. You can also download the conference app for easy access to the virtual agenda and other useful tools.

Virtual Registration is Still Open!

Refund policy
: Full refund up to 30 days prior. The l
ast day for full or partial refund, due to cancellation or changes from in-person to virtual attendance will be October 10, 2021. 

Conference PresentersUpon acceptance, you will receive a discount code. 

*CBExchange Experience Box delivery is not guaranteed before event with Late Registration.
**Pre-Conference Workshop and C-BEN Member Only Convening attendees must register before October 15, 2021. Space is limited.

***Additional shipping fees apply for shipments made outside the U.S. Virtual registration does not include a CBExchange Experience Box.

C-BEN Member-Only Convening 

Member-Only Opening Reception: Monday, November 8 | 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM 
Hill Country Lawn and Pavillion 

Member-Only Convening: Tuesday, November 9 | 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Brazos Ballroom

Longing to reconnect with your CBE colleagues from around  the world? Join us for the member-only convening with content focused on advanced practitioners.

Pre-Conference Workshop #1 - Open to All Academic Disciplines

Tuesday, November 9 | 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Shoal Creek A&B 

CBE Boot-Up Camp 

Looking to get started in competency-based learning but just don’t know where to begin?  Join us for CBE Boot-Up Camp, a CBExchange pre-conference workshop, where you’ll learn all about CBE, including how to create quality CBE programs and credentials. Whether you are looking to build a full degree program or a microcredential, CBE Boot-Up Camp can help you map your adventure!

The nation’s leading experts, serving as your Camp Counselors, will guide you through a series of activities to show you how competency-based education is done. We’ll start with a solid foundation, C-BEN’s Quality Framework for CBE Programs, and use backward design principles to share our method for designing quality offerings for all learners.

When CBE Boot-Up Camp ends, you’ll be a happy camper heading into CBExchange because you will know how to:

  • Speak the language and understand the jargon
  • Connect various higher education initiatives, such as prior learning assessment, microcredentials, short-term stackable credentials,
  • Demonstrate increased confidence in competency-based methods and backward design principles,
  • Identify the knowledge, skills, abilities, and intellectual behaviors needed for a credential,
  • Write well-crafted, behaviorally-described competency statements, and
  • Create a competency map with components such as the level of mastery tool and assessment strategy.

Pre-Conference Workshop #2 
- Open to Nursing Programs Only 
Tuesday, November 9 | 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Shoal Creek C 
Competency-Based Models for Nursing: Building AACN’s Essentials into Programs 

Now that AACN has released its Core Competencies for Professional Nursing Education: The Essentials, are you:  

  • wondering what you need to do differently?
  • trying to figure out how you'll isolate and ensure each learner masters the required competencies? 
  • looking to train faculty and staff in pedagogy? 
In this workshop, we will explore how competency-based learning differs from traditional forms of learning and discover the step-by-step approach for adjusting existing programs or building new programs on The Essentials. Earn 8.5 CEUs. 

Pre-Conference Workshop #3
- Competency-Based Theological Education

Tuesday, November 9 | 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Rio Grande 
CBTE Boot Camp: An Introduction to CBTE

   Kent Anderson, Providence University College and Theological Seminary
Greg Henson, Sioux Falls Seminary
Ruth McGillivray, Northwest Seminary
Kajle Radbourne, Northwest Seminary
Are you interested in CBTE but find yourself confused by unfamiliar terms, conflicting definitions and differing models? If you would benefit from an overview of concepts, delivery models and curriculum design, join us for a 1-day introduction to CBTE. Through presentation and discussion, we will: 

  • Discuss underlying philosophies of CBTE and how they translate into program principles and practices;
  • Discuss the differences between CBE and CBTE, introducing terms and definitions
  • Compare and contrast a variety of CBTE delivery models, including purposes and contexts 
  • Compare and contrast assessment models
  • Deconstruct a backwards design model for integrated curriculum and assessment
  • Provide examples of CBTE curriculum
  • Discuss how to adapt conventional programs and course curriculums to CBTE 

COVID-19 Safety Protocol

We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with you in person again!  To make this event as rewarding as possible, we ask that each of you join in our commitment to protect the health and well-being ourselves and our respective communities.  

With some minor adjustments, safer meetings and events are made possible.  If we have the pleasure of your in-person attendance, we ask that you adhere to our CBExchange 2021 COVID-19 Protocol which can be found here.  

You won't want to miss CBExchange 2021, hosted by C-BEN!


We are a network of institutions, employers, and experts committed to unlocking the potential of competency-based learning to ensure education and training is more flexible, responsive, and valuable. C-BEN is the go-to source on competency-based learning—home to practitioners and leaders who are reimagining education and helping others design and build high-quality offerings. Through our work, we aim to advance the understanding of competency-based learning, accelerate its development and scale, develop and maintain quality standards, and remove barriers to its continued growth.




CBTE 2021 | Competency-Based Theological Education International Conference

CBTE is partnering with C-BEN to offer a competency-based theological education track at CBExchange 2021.

      Attend one conference and get the best of two:

  • Connect with experts and peers on competency-based theological education (CBTE)
  • Learn from thought leaders and peers on latest CBE research, design models and materials
  • Attend CBTE-dedicated sessions alongside 70+ additional CBExchange presentations


Learn more at https://cbte.ca

Virtual Speaker
- 8:30
Hill Country Pavilion and Lawn
- 10:15
Brazos Ballroom Foyer
- 11:45
Brazos Ballroom
- 13:15
Hill Country Pavilion and Lawn
- 14:00
Brazos Ballroom
- 14:00
Barton Creek A
- 14:00
Shoal Creek C
- 14:00
Darrell K. Royal Ballroom C
- 15:30
Darrell K. Royal Ballroom B
- 8:00
Hill Country Pavilion and Lawn
- 14:00
Hill Country Pavilion and Lawn
- 15:00
Shoal Creek A & B
- 17:00
Darrell K. Royal Ballroom A
- 8:00
Hill Country Pavilion and Lawn
- 10:15
Brazos Ballroom
- 10:15
Shoal Creek C
- 10:30
Brazos Ballroom Foyer
- 11:15
Brazos Ballroom